A Ginger (Ale) Toast to Art Circle

A Ginger (Ale) Toast to Art Circle

by Ralston Scott Jones, Art Circle Member

September 2017

A toast to Art Circle from Ralston Scott Jones

on September 14, 2017

Here’s to the many marvelous members of my Art Circle…including:

Painters of pictures in a multitude of mediums.

Weavers of words & pundits of poetry.

Creative manipulators of materials 

into artistic artifacts of fashion & function.

Developers of designs of distinction. 

Phenomenal photographers.

Innovative interlocutors of the internet.

Vocal virtuosoes & theatrical thespians.

Gifted gadgeteers & their gyrating gizmos.

Clever cartoonists & illustrators 

of inner feelings & beliefs.

Elegant expressions of everyday existence 

produced by artisans of every stripe & disposition, 

bound together by a deep rooted devotion 

to the one who designed us all,

and in whose name 

we likewise all express ourselves.

To you, one and all, I pledge my allegiance sine die!

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